TSS is an acknowledged regional leader in supply industry

We operate in Singapore for over 20 years now. We got modern facilities coupled with fully computerized operations and eCommerce website for smooth business transactions.

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TSS worldwide network of operations serves the needs of customers in 67 countries.
We source for the best value and offer very competitive prices for provision supplies around the world.
Knowledgeable and market-savvy purchases are familiar with the lasts products in the market.
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Our Handling Capacity

Area of 148,000 ft2
TSS Office and Operating Area in Singapore covers a total area of 148,000 square feet.
2 Warehouses
Possesses 2 warehouses and 4 cold-storage rooms for storing a variety of canned, dried, frozen, and chilled products.
Average 5 Containers
Averages of 5 containers a day are processed for import and export.
Handler 8 Containers
Able to handler 8 containers for export at any given time.
Stored 250 Containers
250 containers can be safely stored at the warehouse storage facilities.
Fleet of 16 Vehicles
A fleet of 16 company vehicles and 38 staff members are also constantly at hand

You can always expect better business from Teo Soon Seng (TSS), because customers are our top priority.

At TSS, we are completely customer-oriented, dedicated and responsible. All the team personnel ensure that the needs of customers are diligently met and satisfied at all times.
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18 Soon Lee Rd
Singapore 628081
Tel: (65) 6471 3710
Fax: (65) 6473 0186

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